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The catholic University of Rwanda in the fight against Malnutrition in Gisagara District Save sector

On 12/5/2023, a group of students from Catholic University of Rwanda (CUR) at Save campus together with the head of student welfare department have engaged in fight malnutrition in the Save sector. This event is concerned with bringing together the parents who have children with malnutrition to discuss the role of the cooperation of both parents and CUR staffs in the upbringing of their children. The parents are also encouraged to take care of their children's diet, cleanliness, avoid family disputes and make their own vegetable fields known as “Akarima k’igikoni”. The CUR students launched a program called "Child Education", and it was confirmed that this program is going to be implemented throughout the sector as well as in CUR, so that the ability implement it in order to solve the problem can be found. The event has been followed by various guests including the person in charge of social affairs in Save sector and the employees of Save Health Centre. We have also decided that in cooperation with the sector, we are going to find people with higher understanding, who will be godmother or godfather of those children where each child has his or her own, who must follow him or her, accompany him or her until he or she gets out of that malnutrition. Since then, the event is organized every Friday for the follow up.

They have encouraged to take care for their children's diets and hygiene to fight against malnutrition which affect the lives of their children.

The student’s representative at Catholic University of Rwanda and the person in charge of Social affairs at Save sector have participated in this activity to explain the important of complete diets to the wellbeing and growth of the children. The parents have also been explained about what makes a complete diet. This have been done to encourage the parents to fight against malnutrition and it is in line with one of the University goal to serve the communities in the place near CUR Campuses.

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