Catholic University of Rwanda (CUR) has great pleasure to inform the public that it has opened CUR Languages Center and Multimedia Languages Laboratory. This is a new and exciting practical languages center offering different English short courses trainings in General English, English for Specific Purpose, as well as English for Business Communication. In addition, we are also offering trainings in French Short Courses. The primary objective of the Languages Centre is to develop at a higher level speaking and listening ability and fluency of its customers through Multimedia Languages Laboratory. Moreover other skills like grammar, writing and reading are also given much consideration. Any one wants to improve their fluency in the languages mentioned above, please do not waste any single minute to join CUR Languages Centre and within 8 months, you will be the witness of a tremendous outcome and also get a University language proficiency certificate. Remember a language is a powerful weapon that leads our everyday life.

Note that the complete English or French package is divided into 3 modules to be covered in the period between 3 and 8 months. The trainings are scheduled in the evenings or weekends. Are you interested? Get registered now in the registration office. For more information, contact the Registration Office on: (+250) 728 537 793.

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