Catholic University of Rwanda

The Catholic University of Rwanda have got a new Academic Vice Rector

On 12 April 2023, the Catholic University of Rwanda received a new Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. Albert NZABONALIBA, who replaces retired Prof. Faustin RUTEMBESA. The handover took place at the CUR headquarters, TABA campus. Bother Dr. Abert NZABONALIBA is a PhD holder in Educational Psychology from UPS Roma- Italy. He has been Lecturer at CUR since 20 April 2022, while Prof Faustin RUTEMBESA has been CUR Academic Vice-Rector, since 2010.

The handover took place at CUR Taba Campus. During this event, Professor Faustin RUTEMBESA have presented to the new Vice Rector academic all documents of CUR related to academic such as Curriculum for each CUR faculty and programs as well as policies.

The New Vice rector have received the documents and in his speech he gave thanks to Professor Faustin RUTEMBESA and ensure him to accomplish his duties. He added" This curriculums and Policies are our guidelines".

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