Training For Pastoral Workers In Charge Of Youth From All Dioceses Of Rwanda.

From 27th, February – 1 March, 2022, The university Center for catechesis and pastoral Research of the Catholic University of Rwanda in partnership with international Foundation for religious and societies of Belgium organizes a national continuous training for pastoral workers in charge of youth from all dioceses of Rwanda. This training takes place at Kigali_Gikondo_centre Saint Vincent and is intended for: Two priests for each diocese, two religious men and women responsible for catholic schools in each diocese and two lay people committed to young people for each diocese. The main subject of the conference to be discussed is the following: Teaching and synodal church. Challenges of working with young people today.


Different expert such as Bishops of all Diocese of Rwanda, University Lecturers and Professors   were invited and participated in the presentation.  The conference has been started by opening remarks of Mgr. Cardinal Antoine Kambanda. On his remarks, he welcomed all participants and chaired the messe of opening the conference. After that, Rector of Catholic University of Rwanda Father Dr. Laurent NTAGANDA introduce about the conference and present to the audience all visitors and presenters who will participate in the presentations as expert.

Different pictures bellow shows the ongoing activities of the conference from the beginning:

Mgr. Cardinal Antoine Kambanda archbishop of Kigali chaired the messe at the beginning of the conference

Other priests in the messe on the first day of conference

Presentation of Sr. Dr. Donatha UWIMANIMPAYE, Dean of the Faculty of education at Catholic University of Rwanda. Her presentation focused on aspiration of our young people: challenge for the church.

Prof. Jean Paul NIYIGENA, Lecturer at Catholic University of Rwanda / UCLouvain and Scientific Coordinator of the Conference on his Presentation

All participant of the conference

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