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This 28th January 2023, the Rector of Catholic university of Rwanda have received the swearing-in of the new students representative committee at catholic university of Rwanda save campus to replace the previous committee. This activity was attended by the university teaching staffs and several guests including the mayor of Gisagara district RUTABURIGOGA Jerome at which the university campus is located in Save sector.

The previous committee have been awarded the certificate of appreciate to recognize their contribution during their term as the member of student representative committee at Catholic University of Rwanda

The activity have been opened by the rector of Catholic University of Rwanda F. Dr Laurent NTAGANDA who appreciated the former committee and welcome the new committee where he said that the University staff are committed to assist them to accomplish their duties during their term as students representative.

The ceremony have been attended by the Mayor of Gisagara District who appreciated the commitment of Catholic University of Rwanda to work together for the development of the people of Gisagara district and the activities that the student participate in at Gisagara district through the community cervices known as Umuganda. He also thanks the previous student committee and welcome the new one ensuring them the good collaboration and work together.

The Catholic University of Rwanda have given the Mayor of Gisagara District RUTABURIGOGA Jerome a gift to appreciate his response to participate in the event and recognizing the better relationship between the two institutions. This Gift was delivered by the Rector of CUR F. Dr Laurent NTAGANDA.

The even was coordinated by the dean of students at CUR who dairy work with students. She have appreciated the work done by the former committee and welcome the new elected one ensuring to work together to accomplish their duties. She have promised them better collaboration and guidance in case needed.

At the end, the memorial Photo have been taken with the guest and the current student Guild president.

It was amazing for the new committee. Their well very have and ready to take the duties.

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