CUR in Partnership with UN Woman in Supporting Young Women and Girls to Improve their Skills in ICT

The Catholic University of Rwanda in partnership with UN Women has launched the ICT training to the young women and girls to improve their Skills in ICT. Initially 25 stakeholders were trained in different measures. The three measures some were trained in Internet of Things(I0T), Graphic design while other were trained in Computer hardware and Networking. This is a program of three months of intensive course and three months of internship. This will help the trainee to get the required skills with hands on experience that may help then get job or create their own jobs. The CUR aim to empower the woman to be job creative than job seekers.

The Rector of Catholic University of Rwanda, Father DR. Laurent NTAGANDA addressing the participants during his opening speech.

The stakeholders were happy and to express their emotion, they have danced for other participants

They can wait for the program to start.

The project manager explaining the objective of the project which is to empower young women and girls in ICT through the intensive training to be job creator than Job seekers.

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