On 3rd august ,2022 cur debate club have received guest of honor Mr Derrick Muhangi brighton the CEO and managing director of united skills of Africa (USA) for the ground visit at our campus (taba )that aimed to make the partnership between United Skills Africa and the cur debate club by flourishing our debate club through providing different assistance at our club like trainings, workshops, debate competitions, reading manuals, etc . This visit have been beneficial and successful for both sides as it was shown in the feedback by members of the club as well as united skills Africa ‘s side ,we have also agreed to have an official memorandum of understanding (MOU) that explains detailed agreements between both sides at the end of august,2022

The session have started at 2pm at TABA campus, even though we had a visitor but he recommended to have session as we used to work so, the session was hosted by MR. MUVUNYI Frank Landry with Mrs. UWASE Gisele who were moderating 30 participants

Cur debate club president Mr. MIZERO Alain Fabrice provided his welcome remarks for all the participants ,the campus representative, Mr. Theoneste and guest of honor Mr. derrick Muhangi in the house and proceeded his speech by reminding all the club members how worth it is to be in the debate club and how the sacrifices that they are making now will be once valuable so that they don’t have to think that they are wasting their time because speaking reveal the one’s capacity ,he said “then ends up by thanking again the guest for choosing cur debate club from other clubs and he promised not to disappoint him.

The session continued by involving each and every one in the conversation through our familiar code called tik tak questions or rapid questions where the participants were being asked questions and they had to respond immediately and this was headed by the moderators which was very interesting and educative as well as fun where both members from taba campus and save save campus had get to know each other, this segment took a long bit of time because everyone in the room was very interested and wanted to take part in that moment, but it made all the participants get ready for the remarks of the guest of honor.

As we were all waiting to receive the message from the guest of honor where he was going to clarify for the audience the main reason for his official visit at our campus. He started by introducing himself to the audience with all the things he participate into, where he inspired the members about volunteering, debating and how engaging himself into debating club at his former university have given him all that he has now which was a very clear message to us.

He continued his remarks by getting us to the main objective of his visit toward our club where he explained deeply about the company he was representing united skills Africa (U.S.A)where he demonstrated clearly what kind of partnership ,he want to have with our club and continuing by highlighting all services delivered by united skills Africa(U.S.A). This company want to work with cur debate club by supporting us through training and capacity building as well as sharpening your debating skills to be able to compete with other universities at both national and international level. As we were hosting the official visit of Mr. derrick MUHANGI the CEO of United Skills Africa (USA),we were on the same page where we happily receive that partnership deal and ready to start membership process to this company. he ended his remarks by thanking the members of the club and reminding them that they are in good path towards the future they wants as well as participating and serving our nation.

On behalf of university, Mr Theoneste who came in presence of vice chancellor have thanked cur debate club for this initiative but deeply thanked our guest of honor on behalf of university for choosing CUR debate club to grab those opportunities which we hope that it s going to take our students from one step to another step and he also mentioned that university is ready and willing to give all possible support needed to help cur debate club towards the beginning of this partnership Mr. Theoneste providing his remarks The session concluded with an agreed to sign an an agreement of partnership between both parts and each side were asked to sit and make their offers so that at the end of this month they will sit and have memorandum of understanding

Prepared by:

Alain Fabrice Mizero Cur debate club president

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