Catholic University of Rwanda

Unit Club URUMURI in CathOLIC Univesrity of Rwanda

On 20 September 2022, the Catholic University of Rwanda received a delegation from the Unit Club URUMURI. This event comes after a long period of competition on "NDI UMUNYARWANDA" where the competitors presented their talents through poems and songs. On this occasion, it was the right time to reward the best performers.

The Unit Club delegation was led by the Honorable Minister of State UWASE Patricia. It was also very pleased for the Catholic University of Rwanda to receive the mayor of the district of HUYE, Mr. Ange SEBUTEGE, who accompanied the delegation of the Cub Unit.

Catholic University of RWANDA students, academic, and administrative staff were present .

UWIMBABAZI Francine performed her poem titled UBUMWE BWACU

Bertine performed her poem titled UBUNYARWANDA NI IGIHANGO

Virginie and Anastase also perfomed a song they called UMURAGE MWIZA

The Mayor of HUYE District giving the award to the best performer in poems.

Hon. Minister UWASE Patricia giving the award to 2 singers TUYIZERE Anastase and MUKANIYONIZEYE Virginie

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