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Friday Campus Debate: Youth should be the one taking action in fighting against corruption

Youth should be the one taking action in fighting against corruption

Father Prof. Rutembesa Faustin, Vice Rector in Charge of Academic Affairs from Catholic University of Rwanda, has provided his remark on this isssue where he said that” even from history all over the world, youth was the one to take action to bring changes means that youth should also take a lead to fight against corruption”. He reminded us that even if we are studying different options, we could come together to fight the corruption at any cost. According to him it’s very important for the youth as well as the adults to eraducate the corruption from its roots. He personally witnessed that he faced a form of corruption while he was at an airport for a trave. Executive Director of Citizen Voice and Actions (CVA) Mr. Samuel Hakuzimana reminded all the attendees that in order to achieve our purposes “we should stay disciplined by memorizing the vision of our govenment which will help us to undertand well the participation of youth to build Rwanda we want. He reminded us that discipline is the foundation of everything. “ young people are the hope of the country, if you’re not disciplined enough you can’t fight the corruption and hence the country will face the problems in the future because the genertion has been spoiled” He said.

Samuel HAKUZIMANA, the Executive Director of CVA said that for youth to fight against corruption should be discplined enough Motion was analysed and understood by all partcipants where they came up to ssupport their side, the debate was among departements where we had four partcipating departements which was: Department of biomedical laboratory sciences(BLS),Departement of human anutrution(HN),Departement of public health(PH)and departement of catechesis. At 2pm the dabate has started with bilateral teams where BLS as proposers was against PH as opposers and HN as proposers was against Catechesis as opposores, the first round ended up proposers from the first group(BLS0) win and for the second group proposers (HN) won. The final battle was BLS against Human nutrution which ended up BLS won the competition as opposers of the motion. Here is the important remarks made by debaters during debate:

Miss Umuhire Pamella said that youth should use social media platforms as an awareness toolthe fighting against corruption.

Mr Frank landry MUVUNYI from BLS Team said that youth should be the one to bring an innovative projects that works on reduction of corruption in our country.

Miss Giselle UWASE from BLS team remarked that youth are sizeable portion of this planet that makes them more affected by corruption so that they are the one to be on the frontline to fight against it. All the debaters understood the motion very well and gave the relevant references accordingly to their sides( proposition and opposition). After hearing all the arguments from both sides in both battles, the opposition side won the battle with 3/4 votes by the judges due to their pertinent arguments.

First Group(Award winner) 1. MIZERO Alain Fabrice 2. Muvunyi Frank Landry 3. Uwase Gisele

the winners after getting their awards.

The closing remarks done by the dean of students at CUR, she thanked CVA for organizing this activity to integrate the students about government’s policies. She also thanked the good governance club for a hard work and helping the students in policies awareness.

Mme MUREKEYISONI Julienne said that corruption ruins the future of the country, by that youth as the future of the country should be the one taking first step in avoiding it. “igiti kigororwa kikiri gito”.

Prepared by:Gustave MUHIRE Good governance club chairperson(Good governance club chairperson) Approved by:Mme Julienne MUREKEYISONI(Dean of students)

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