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BA Clinical Psychology
MA Social Work and Community Development
PhD Candidate (Social Work and Comunity Development)
Lecturer, Director of Research and Consultancy

Reports on scientific research highlight the existence of a direct link between the scientific potential of a country and its capacity to take control of its development.
Scientific research appears then to be an important component of the construction mechanisms of that capacity. To produce results, the research activity needs a set of orderly processes. 

Be it theoretical or practical, that knowledge constitutes the foundation of success in any enterprise. On the one hand, they assure the mastery of choices to be made; on the other hand, they encourage the production of good quality decisions. 

In relation to the situation of Rwanda, more decisive and strategic measures are necessary.  In this regard, CUR should be able to contribute to the development of our country. This implies that the measures to be taken should rest on the definition of a scientific research policy. In that perspective, the term research policy means a line of action around which revolves a certain number of objectives and strategies to increase knowledge and to address the multiple challenges that the country is facing.

Conducting research also creates spin-off opportunities, for the researchers themselves, for the university and the community at large. Those spin-offs, such as consultancy activities, can attract additional financial resources that help in itself advance research activities.

General Objectives

By general objectives, we mean the finalities or outcome of scientific research and consultancy, whatever the domain is. Regarding research activities, CUR aims to reach the following general objectives: 
- Increasing the level of lecturers and studentsí knowledge and competences. Conducting research will enhance the capacity of the CUR staff to become as well more qualified and motivated lecturers;
- Scaling up research efforts. Conducting research will enable the CUR staff to build research teams around themselves which in turn attracts new research activities;
- Integrating modern science and technology in Rwandan culture, social and economic activities; 
- Making science and technology the levers of economic, social and cultural development of the region;
-  To link the know-how available in the CUR, with the political, academic and professional world, and with the Rwandan society in general.

Increasing revenue generating-activities for the institution as a whole through consultancy services
Specific objectives  
By specific objectives, we mean the principles which have to serve as the beacons to scientific research and consultancy to achieve the general objectives. To that end, CUR recommends to:
- Encourage and facilitate scientific research and consultancy activity; 
- Seek and propose endogenous solutions which are appropriate and integrated to the problems and the challenges to the socioeconomic development of the country; 
- Promote the dissemination and use of research results
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