Philosophicum Kabgayi on 25th January,2012
Grand Séminaire de Nyakibanda on 27th January, 2012

During this era, the Government of Rwanda is carrying out a national campaign countrywide against drug addiction amongst the youth. Several public institutions and civil societies as well as non-governmental organizations such as national police and other professionals are fully involved in this issue.

Considering the level of drug abuse and its terrible effects towards youth and development, the Faculty Council that was held on January 13, 2012 decided that the Faculty of Social Work should intervene given that its mission focuses first and foremost on the societal transformation through the alleviation of social challenges and improvement of social justice for the most vulnerable groups.

It is in this line that the Faculty of Social Work organized respectively at Philosophicum Kabgayi (25th January, 2012) and Grand Séminaire de Nyakibanda (27th January, 2012), a conference on drug abuse amongst youth.
Faculty of Social Work in the Campaign Against Drug Abuse

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