The Conference title: Professional Social Work in East Africa: Towards Social Development and Poverty Reduction

On 16-18 March 2014, three teaching staff members from the Faculty of Social Work (Mr. Emmanuel Hakizimana/Ag. Dean, Mr. Christophe Muyoboke/Ac.Sec., and Mrs. Epiphanie Mukundiyimana, Assistant Lecturer) and four students (Fabien Muvandimwe/REPREFAC, Eugenie Baziki, Venuste Nshimiyimana and Marie Alice Umugwaneza) attended an International Social Work Conference that took place in African Hotel, in Kampala City, Uganda.

The conference was entitled: “International Social Work Conference. Professional Social Work in East Africa: Towards Social Development and Poverty Reduction”. It was organized by the PROSOWO project which endeavors to promote social work profession within East Africa through five universities: Makerere University, University of Nairobi, Taasisi Ya Ustawi Wa Jamii (Tanzania), University of Rwanda/Campus Huye, and Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria).
Various personalities, academicians and students from universities and higher learning institutions that teach social work, as well as practitioners from various areas of the world were invited in that wonderful event.

Several presentations were made throughout nine themes:

1. Poverty reduction, social policy and social welfare: the role of social work
2. Social work and the millennium development goals (MDGs): towards 2015 and beyond
3. The importance of culture and human rights in social work education and practice
4. Social work in the context of conflict, political violence and post-conflict situations
5. Managing diversity in society: from segregation to inclusive policies and practice
6. Sexuality, gender and social work
7. Globalization and modernization in Africa: their impact on society and corresponding challenges for social work
8. Innovative approaches in social work theory, education, practice, ethics and research
9. Social work and environment: towards a sustainable habit for future generations

Our representatives attended all presentations and participated actively in the discussions. CUR/FSW students in conjunction with students from Byumba Polytechnic Institute and University of Rwanda, Huye campus performed in Rwanda traditional dance as it was on the agenda of the conference. Our students made themselves known through that highly applauded entertainment.  
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