Students rights

Students have right to join in clubs and associations, organize public functions, organize processions and demonstrations, and use the University name. However, the following   procedural regulations and procedures must be observed.

Formation of associations and Clubs

Students  societies and Clubs in the University shall be formed at the request of at least ten interested students. In addition, there must be a member of the senior staff who will be identified as the advisor. A request to form an association or club shall be submitted to the Dean of Students through the students Representative Council and shall be accompanied by the recommendation of the Student s Representative Council and the Constitution / By-laws of the proposed society or club. The proposed Society or Club shall be formally promulgated in the University after the approval has been given by the relevant University Committee.
Within three months from the date of the promulgation of the society of club, the secretary shall deposit the names of persons holding principal offices of the society or club with the Registrar and the Dean of Students. Thereafter, the Dean of Students shall be furnished with the names of their Principal Officers once a year.
Students are prohibited from forming or introducing political parties within the premises of the University.

Public functions

Students who wish to organize any public function within or outside campus shall write through the Students Union and obtain prior permission from the Dean of Students who shall in turn inform the Rector. An application for permission to organize a function should provide the following information:

a. Date and time of the function;
b. Place where the function is to take place;
c. Names and description of Lecturers, Speakers, Invited Guests or Performers at the function.

This information together with evidence of fulfillment by the organizers of any requirements imposed by law in relation to the holding of such a function should normally reach the Dean of Students at least three days before the function takes place. The Dean of Students may impose such other requirements and conditions as may appear to him to be necessary desirable.

For the purpose of this section, a public function is one to which persons other than staff and students of the University are invited or entitled to attend.
For functions involving use of musical instruments such as at a dance, permission may be given up to 12 midnight. Only the Rector may allow a function to proceed beyond 12 midnight.

Processions and Demonstrations

Any student or students wishing to organize a procession/demonstration in the University shall notify the Dean of Students at least three days before the procession /demonstration is due to begin. The notification shall state the purpose of the procession/demonstration and the name (s) of the organiser (s).

The Dean of Students may prescribe special conditions, limitations or restrictions; as may be considered appropriate in the circumstances.

The procession/demonstration will follow an approved route and keep as close as possible to the right side of the road in order to ensure free passage of traffic.

No procession/ demonstration shall be held between the hours of 6: 00 p.m. and 6:00 am
During the procession/demonstration, nothing shall be done or said that may occasion violence or cause a breach of the peace. If any acts of violence and/or breach of CUR or other regulations occur during a procession/ demonstration or other mass action, the perpetrators as well as the organizer(s) shall be held jointly and severally responsible.

If in the opinion of the Dean of Students a procession/demonstration will be likely to lead to a breach of the peace or cause serious interference with the work of the Institute, he/she may so advise the Rector, who may take appropriate action.

For processions /demonstrations outside the University, the organizer(s) should, in addition, seek prior permission from the police.
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